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Custom Stamping, Specialty Washers, Brackets and Plates

Custom Stamping

Our longevity as a manufacturer stems from a focus on quality, reliability, and our ability to customize your metal to the specifications you need. While we have already built thousands of dies for a variety of different metal stampings purposes throughout the years, our tooling department can create custom dies to your exact specifications, so we can produce brackets, clips, balance weights, window locks, or whatever metal stamping your project requires.

Specialty Washers, Brackets and Metal Plates

With almost a century’s worth of metal stamping experience, we have stocked and amassed thousands of dies, which in most cases eliminates tooling costs. However, every so often some projects need something a little different, which is why Klassen Metal Stamping can help create the necessary custom die if you do require a unique washer or custom metal stampings such as brackets or metal plates.

Klassen Metal Stamping is a leading provider of metal stampings, custom stampings, custom washers and standard washers.