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Heat Treating

We are experts in the field of heat treating. Give us your specs and we will heat treat and test to ensure it meets your requirements.

Heat treating services include through hardening for structural components (ASTM F436) and case hardening.


We offer Zinc per ASTM B633 which includes Clear Zinc and Dichromate Zinc (Yellow).  We also offer post treatment with up to 500 hours salt spray.  Hot Dip galvanizing and powder coat is also an option.  For stainless steel an option is to passivate per ASTM A380, this improves the corrosion protection further.


Hot dip Galvanized is commonly used in very corrosive environments

Zinc Clear

Per ASTM B633 Type III, Salt spray 12 Hours to white rust minimum

Zinc Dichromate

As per ASTM B633 Type II, salt spray to white rust 96 hours minimum

Powder Coat

Good option for cabinetry, gives a consistent surface finish that looks and feels quality.

Metal Options

We stamp just about anything from shim stock to 5/8” thick. We stamp out cold and hot rolled steel, alloy steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, nylon, polyethylene, rubber, and brake lining.  Standards we carry include ASTM A1011, ASTM A36, ASTM A1008, ASTM A653, SAE J2340.  There are many options for your designs and we can advise on gauge, metal composition and any heat treatment or coatings afterwards.


        This material is pre-galvanized at the mill with varying thicknesses of zinc.  The edges of the stamping will be plain, but with thin gauge (< 16 Ga) parts this is a good option.


Yellow brass is the ultimate in corrosion protection.  Commonly used in very corrosive environments, it’s also non-magnetic.


Copper is commonly used in plumbing applications, it’s also the second most electrically conductive material available.


Aluminum is very lightweight, and has an excellend strength to weight ratio.  We work with 5052, 6061 in various tempers as well as ultra soft 1100-0 which can be used for gaskets.

Satin Coat

       This is also known as galvannealed.  This material is commonly used in the automotive industry.  It offers great corrosion protection as well as a suitable base for finish painting.


Steel in Hot rolled and cold rolled condition.  We also stock some half and full hard shim material from .007″ all the way to 1/4″.  High carbon steel, and alloy steel for heat treatable applications.

Teflon, HDPE, UHMW, Nylon

  Yes we punch all of these, and most likely anything else you could ask for.  These plastics have varying properties beneficial in many applications.  We can advise on what will make sense for you.

Tool and Die

We use Solidworks in addition to Logopress for stamping simulation and tooling design.  We can anticipate and correct for potential manufacturing defects virtually, shortening lead time and eliminating trial and error.  

Klassen Metal Stamping is a leading provider of metal stampings, custom stampings, custom washers and standard washers.